Limited companies

Limited companies

Many owners including contractors, small and larger businesses, run their businesses through a Limited Company mainly because if all goes wrong they won’t lose their house to pay off the business debts. There are still worthwhile tax incentives even though they are reduced for 2016/7 onwards under the new dividend tax legislation.  Under new tax rules in force from 2017/8 onwards, landlords with buy to let properties and interest costs may well particularly benefit from tax planning and incorporation.

The downside is that a Limited Company comes with more and complex administrative burdens, including the need to file various, mostly annual, accounts, Annual Returns and other forms to Companies House, and Corporation Tax returns and full accounts to HMRC. All must be done in prescribed formats and to strict deadlines with fines (or even prosecution!) for non-compliance.

However, we provide a comprehensive range of services to free you from all the red tape while minimising tax and providing useful business advice where possible: Services include:

  • Company Formation (for limited company or Limited Liability Partnership) including: domain name registration; advice on the pros and cons of incorporation in your situation including tax – getting this wrong can be very costly!; company secretarial matters; all business and tax registrations etc.; tax and accounting services etc.
  • Company Secretarial (including: Registered office; Annual Return; statutory registers; meeting minutes and agendas etc.)
  • Registered Office
  • Corporation Tax Returns
  • Contractors and IR35 reviews
  • Business advice and consultancy
  • Employee Remuneration Planning
  • Employment Status
  • Statutory accounts
  • Online accounting for information at your fingertips and efficient processes

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